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[edit] Configuration

Web Callback settings can be found in ADDONS –> Callback

  • Active for users? – enabled or disabled.
  • MaxRetries – how many times to try to redial if the call fails.
  • RetryTime – in what intervals (in seconds) to try to redial.
  • WaitTime – timeout value for the call, or how long to wait till the call is answered.
  • WEB Callback CID - what CallerID to show on outgoing call.
  • Send Source as CID - allows to use Source as CallerID.
  • Web Callback Server - which server from the servers list to use for webcallback.

[edit] Usage

Users can find Web Callback in PERSONAL MENU –> Various –> Callback.

The main window lets you enter callback details:


When you enter the source (and destination if you wish), press Execute and you will get a call to Source. After that, you will be connected to Destination (or asked to enter the destination and only then connected).

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