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[edit] VoiceMail application is missing

Make sure VoiceMail application is loaded:

CLI> show modules like mail
Module                         Description                              Use Count
app_hasnewvoicemail.so         Indicator for whether a voice mailbox ha 0
app_voicemail.so               Comedian Mail (Voicemail System)         0
2 modules loaded

If it is not, restart Asterisk and look for error messages.

Fix error or recompile Asterisk.

[edit] External server is checked

Go to SETTINGS - Billing - DIDs - PBX Functions - VoiceMail and uncheck (if checked) VoiceMail Server active.

If Voicemail starts to work, it means that you misconfigured External Voicemail server (or clicked this checkbox by accident).

[edit] Debug

Check file /var/log/maillog

  • if it is empty run command:
postfix check
    • if you got something like:
postfix/postsuper[12095]: fatal: scan_dir_push: open directory defer: Permission denied


postfix -c /etc/postfix set-permissions
/etc/init.d/postfix restart
    • if you got something like:
postfix/postfix-script[15116]: warning: not owned by postfix: /var/lib/postfix/./master.lock


chown postfix.postfix -R /var/lib/postfix
/etc/init.d/postfix restart

[edit] See also

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