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[edit] Changing Direction of the Telephony Industry

All telecommunication companies are migrating to VoIP or are planning to do so in near future. Those who fail to do this - will be left behind with high support costs for their old technology and problems with interoperability with new systems.

[edit] Feature-Rich, Cost-Effective Alternatives

All functions from old systems are available in VoIP and many new features are introduced. Cost is low because they are IP-based and are carried over the computer network.

[edit] Existing Investment Protection

Your company can migrate to VoIP while protecting your existing telephony hardware investments. With small adjustments old hardware can be made VoIP compatible.

[edit] Seamless Maintenance and Management

With VoIP, managing and maintaining the network becomes cost-effective and seamless because VoIP operates on the same data network. Staff can focus on important issues and do not bootstrap between various platforms.

[edit] Flexibility and Portability

In a VoIP network, employees can travel to any of the company’s locations, plug in their IP-enabled laptop, begin work, and make and receive telephone calls. Employees have, at their distant temporary location, all the rich features normally available to them at their home office location.

[edit] Enhanced Network Management

With a VoIP network, your ability to detect symptoms and make changes to your setup in advance of any problems is greatly enhanced compared to the old PSTN network.

[edit] Better Utilization of Personnel

Although there are some skills unique to VoIP that traditional network engineers don’t have, the underlying skills related to Ethernet networks and IP protocols are the same. This allows your company to maximize the training of your people and, in many cases, reduce the number of personnel you need in-house to support the network.

[edit] Productivity Applications

Many Web-based applications are candidates for running on your VoIP telephones. Users can also add a video telephony solution, powered by IP video application software that enables a desktop PC or laptop to emulate an IP office phone.

[edit] Better Bandwidth Utilization

With correct codecs it is possible to save on traffic for VoIP.

[edit] Reduced Costs

Save on toll charges, local and international calls.

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