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[edit] Initial tests

  • MySQL and Asterisk connectivity
  • Fax2Email modules
  • H323 module
  • #mime-construct
  • If g723 and g729 codecs are installed
  • Connected users
  • Autodialer
  • Part of GUI

This can also be done manually.

[edit] Login to the system

Go to the GUI: http://<my-ip-address>/billing

Login as: admin/admin

If you can't connect or are unable to access, reboot the PC where MOR is installed and try again.

[edit] Configuration file

Go to /home/mor/config/environment.rb

  • Web_URL - enter the correct URL where MOR GUI can be reached, e.g.
    • Do not leave - it's a bad value. Enter the real IP by which you access GUI.
  • Recordings_Folder - enter the correct URL where recordings can be reached (they can be on a different server, e.g.
  • Add-ons - enable add-ons if you purchased them. Note: enabling add-ons when they are not installed will interfere with your GUI.

Restart Apache.

If you have Debian:

/etc/init.d/apache2 restart

If you have Centos/Fedora:

/etc/init.d/httpd restart

[edit] h323.conf

Enter server's IP as described here: One-way audio or not audio at all

[edit] GUI

Go to this page and make sure it is displayed correctly:

  • SETTINGS - Users - Devices - create new device/delete device

Register as a new user over GUI (registration from login page). Enter your email address, and after registration, check whether you have received confirmation.

[edit] Activation test

Configure softphone with following settings: 101/101 and call any number - let's say 123456789. On the CLI, the normal call process should be visible. If MOR says, "MOR is not authorized to work on this computer", there are problems with the serial.

Or in Asterisk CLI write:

module unload app_mor.so
module load app_mor.so

It should say something similar to:

[Dec 10 08:49:27] NOTICE[19319]: app_mor.c:4050 load_module: MOR PRO is authorized to work on this computer.
Loaded app_mor.so => (MOR Billing Solution v0.5.0.6)

This means everything is okay.

[edit] VoiceMail

Dial *97, you should hear: Comedian Mail Mailbooox... or You haaaave no messages...

[edit] WEB Callback

Login as user 101: (101/101)

Go to PERSONAL MENU - Various - Callback and enter any numbers, press Execute. On Asterisk CLI you should see:

-- Attempting call on Local/21233@mor_cb_src/n for 23234@mor_cb_dst:1 (Retry 1)
-- Executing [21233@mor_cb_src:1] NoOp("Local/21233@mor_cb_src-18d8,2", "MOR CB calls src!") in new stack

Possible errors:

Errno::EACCES (Permission denied - /tmp/mor_cf_xxxx or /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing/mor_cf_xxxx)
A Errno::EXDEV occurred in functions#activate_callback:

Fix it.

No action on Asterisk CLI - enter correct AMI settings in MOR GUI Settings - AMI Interface

[edit] Crontab for Auto-Dialer

Skip this section if you do not have an Auto-Dialer add-on.

Check /home/mor_ad/mor_ad_cron.log, you should see something like this:

2007-12-07 00:01:53 - Start of MOR Auto-Dialer Cron script.
DB config. Host: localhost, DB name: mor, user: mor, psw: mor, port: 3306.
Successfully connected to database.
No campaigns found active this time: 00:01:53
Total campaigns retrieved: 0

[edit] For multi-server systems

[edit] Configure AMI connections

On Asterisk servers, configure /etc/asterisk/manager.conf to allow the GUI server to connect to Asterisk servers over AMI.

secret = morsecret
read = system,call,log,verbose,command,agent,user,config
write = system,call,log,verbose,command,agent,user,config

NOTE: is an EXAMPLE IP - put the correct one in your system.

[edit] Enter Asterisk servers into GUI interface

Enter correct settings to allow GUI to manage Asterisk servers over AMI.

[edit] Read below only if Asterisk isn't on the same server

If Asterisk is running on a different machine, then you need to setup a correct recordings folder. 1 Make sure Apache is running on the Asterisk server; secondly, make sure you have a correct "Recordings_Folder" value. (You have to enter something like this: http://asterisk.server/recordings/ ). Now delete /home/mor/public/recordings symlink from the GUI server. To test, try to open the recordings page in your GUI.

[edit] Final steps

If this server has GUI, be sure to change variable ExceptionNotifier.email_prefix = "[CLIENT] " variable to your contacts. For example:

ExceptionNotifier.email_prefix = "[Digital Solutions .132] " (where .132 are the last digits of the server's IP address).

Afterwards, restart Apache.

So if you have a problem with your GUI, the authors will get noticed instantly.

Note to engineers: Always update the server list with new data.

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