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[edit] Where to find Statement Of Account?

SOA data is made for users to see their balance increases and deduction.

Functionality is available in MOR. To access Statement Of Account please go to Users list and press SOA icon image:soe_icon.png.

Only Admin and Reseller are able to access SOA data.

[edit] Statement Of Account page

After pressing SOA icon image:soe_icon.png you will be forwarded to SOA page.


  • Press Download Statement of Account or Send Statement of Account to User via e-mail to Download or Send Statement of Account via e-mail.
  • Filter invoices that should be included into SOA: Invoice Sent (Any, Sent, Not sent), Invoice Paid (All, Yes, No), Invoice Hidden (All, Yes, No), Invoice type (All, Postpaid, Prepaid).
  • Exclude Subscription Payments from SOA Calculations: Excludes mentioned payments from calculations.
  • It is possible change Address lines for Statement of Account in PDF at "Settings -> Functionality -> Statement of Account".

[edit] How to send SOA automatically?

  • It is possible to set Statement of Account to be sent to e-mail automatically.

To do so, Cron Actions should be created.
Please visit Cron Actions page for more information.

[edit] Custom SOA values for users

In each User's edit page, you can set custom values for Opening Balance and Beginning From: date. More information available in Users Details Page

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