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Kolmisoft does not provide any Softphone or Mobile Dialer directly, but you can use any application that operates in standard VoIP protocols (SIP, H323).

You can also configure any of the chosen application to show user's balance by using MOR API. Some of the brands that you could consider:

Dialer name Website Description
Cloudsoftphone Custom white-label softphone with zero coding
Zute SIP Dialer SIP dialer app for iOS and Android
Voxvalley SIP softphone for iOS and Android
SipDroid Free SIP/VoIP client for Android
Grandstream Wave Free SIP softphone application for Android and iOS
Linphone Open source SIP client for iOS and Android
Zoiper Free softphone for iOS and Android
Ekiga (formerly known as GnomeMeeting) Open source softphone (SIP and H.323)
Idefisk - Softphone that supports SIP and IAX protocols

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