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[edit] About

This type of routing selects a route by percentage value of Providers.

[edit] Usage

To set this feature go to SETTINGS –> Billing –> LCR


Press Image:icon_add.pngNew LCR to create new LCR or click on image:icon_edit.png icon on existing LCR and set the order type of percent.

It is similar to Priority-based routing, except that here Providers are selected randomly with greater or lesser probability.


[edit] Example 1

For example, we have three providers with the following preferences:

A - 50%
B - 30%
C - 20%

This means that:

  • Provider A will be chosen FIRST with 50% probability.
  • Provider B will be chosen FIRST with 30% probability.
  • Provider C will be chosen FIRST with 20% probability.

MOR orders these providers using the following algorithm:

As a first step, it randomly selects the first provider. There is a 50% chance that Provider A will be selected, 30% for B, and 20% for C.

Lets say the randomly selected Provider is B.

At the second step, MOR selects from the remaining providers:

A - 50%
C - 20%

There is a much greater chance that A will be randomly selected than C. So let's say A is selected.

The final order of our providers will be:

B - A - C

Every time, the order is RANDOMLY done in the same way, using percent values for probability.

So we can get various results, such as A-B-C, A-C-B, B-A-C, C-A-B etc. BUT, following mathematical reasoning, when we make a huge amount of tries (going till infinity), sets will follow the rule in the first step: the Provider selected first will be A in 50% of the cases, B in 30%, and C in 20%.

[edit] Example 2

To better illustrate the method, let's take a simpler situation. We have two providers with these percentages:

A - 99%
B - 1%

Provider A will be selected first 99% of the time, so that when we have many ordered lists, they will look like:

A-B, A-B, A-B, A-B, A-B, ........., B-A, A-B,........A-B, ..........

The probability that the provider order will be B-A is just 1%.

[edit] Fail-over

This LCR ordering still keeps Fail-Over intact.

That is, after we have ordered the provider list, if the first provider in the list fails, the second will be dialed and so on.

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