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[edit] Description

Provider Rules transforms an E.164-compatible number to any number format the Provider requires.

Different providers expect different number formats from you. You can send them whatever they want using Provider Rules.

Provider Rules can be reached by clicking the Image:rules.png icon next to a provider in the Providers window:


We see a similar window as the one in Localization. The rules to manage Provider Rules are identical to those for Localization management, which are covered here.

[edit] Destination Localization Rules

Let's say our provider expects to get a number with the technical prefix 89765#. We can do this in following way:


That's it – very simple. Now every number that is sent to this provider will be transformed by adding our created tech. prefix.

For example, if 37063042438 should be sent to this provider, this rule will be activated and the number 89765#37063042438 will be sent to provider.

REMINDER: You can check whether Provider Rules are applied correctly in Call Tracing

[edit] Special cases

[edit] Cut everything till Hash

With rule Cut: *# it is possible to cut everything till # (# included) in the dialed destination:


For example:

  • Dialed number: 999#37063042439.
  • After Localization: 37063042439.

This function can be used in fancy MNP (Mobile Number Portability) schemes and perhaps elsewhere.

NOTE: Add value still can be used to add any value after Cut is used on the Destination.

[edit] Destination same as received

If you want to send a number to a Provider exactly as it was received, set Cut = '-' (minus sign as shown in the screenshot).

That way, the same number that comes to MOR also leaves MOR:


[edit] Replacement

If you want to replace one prefix with another you have to Cut the original prefix and Add' the new one. For example:

If the number is 306936525113 and you want to replace 30 with 6516 this is how the rule should look:

File:Provrules replace.png

Only one rule can be applied, the one that fits the number the best.

[edit] CallerID Localization Rules

Source Rules manages CallerID which is sent to this particular Provider.

In the example bellow we will add international prefix to every CallerID sent to this Test Provider:


[edit] Special Case

[edit] CallerID localize Name part

If Name part of CallerID should be localized as well, then check Change CallerID name checkbox.
For example, if CallerID is "00123456789" <00123456789>, then after localization (given bellow) CallerID will look like "123456789" <123456789>


[edit] CallerID overwrite for Provider

Sometimes Providers only accept calls with CallerID.

It is possible to overwrite any CallerID before sending a call to such a Provider.

In Provider Rules (for this Provider) set up the Rule:


In this example, all calls going to this Provider will have CallerID = 37063033333

[edit] Change Tariff

Provider Rules allow to change Provider's Tariff based on Source or Destination number


[edit] Copy Rules to Provider

At the top of Provider Rules page you can find Copy Rules to Provider button which allows to copy Provider Rules to any other Provider. This is convenient when you have a lot of rules which need to be applied to several providers.


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