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[edit] MOR licensing

MOR license comes per 1 server. Call capacity (how many concurrent calls it will handle) depends on your server specifications, codecs you use, etc. More info can be found here

License is activated in remote way by providing SSH access to the server.

We do not provide ISO CDs or license keys privately because of security reasons. License can be activated only by Kolmisoft using SSH.

Price of multi-server solution will not be equal to one server solution

[edit] Updates and Upgrades

Only the two newest versions are supported.

Core and GUI Updates of the same version are free. You need to pay only if you Upgrade to the next major version (from MOR X5 to MOR X6, etc).

Upgrade to the newer version is paid. Free upgrades belong only for clients who are subscribed SaaS services (software as a service) or have a Yearly Service Plan.

[edit] Addons

All addons are paid. No addons are included in MOR license by default.

Addon price for one server solution is the same as addon for multi-server solution if few servers form a single system.

[edit] Support

Kolmisoft can offer few levels of support plans with defined time-frame and different priority.

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