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[edit] Connect Portech GSM as Provider to MOR

We will connect like this:


  • Phone will dial to MOR
  • MOR will use Portech as Provider to reach GSM network

[edit] Provider configuration

Make sure you do not have Device with same username/password as for your Provider!

In this example Portech has dynamic IP.

So we need to register it to MOR.

Create Provider (NOT user/device!!!) in MOR with following settings:


NOTE: password field is empty - somehow in our tests Portech refused to register with password.

Create LCR, assign Provider to it, assign LCR to user, and do all other necessary steps.

[edit] Portech configuration

Configure Portech to register to MOR:


[edit] Port settings

Set different ports for separate SIMs:


Do not forget to route these ports on the firewall if your Portech is under NAT!

[edit] Problems

We do not recommend these devices because they are unpredictable and unstable. They may stop working without notice at any time!

Some examples:

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