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[edit] Description

This explains the basic usage of Cloud PBX integration into MOR

Currently it lets to create server with type 'pbx server'

When this server created will able to:

  • Add/Edit/Delete ACL list to the server
  • Create users (pbx user type) with automatically Account creating on the PBX server
  • Create DIDs and assign them to the Pbx Users and point to the PBX server
  • Create/Edit/Delete Carriers on the PBX server

[edit] PBX Servers

Go to SETTINGS–> Billing –> PBX Servers


  • You can add/delete PBX Server .
  • Fill all fields and press green button.
  • Before you add server you should make password-less ssh connection to the CloudPBX server from MOR
  • Use this manual Configure SSH connection between servers

[edit] Server parameters

  • Server IP - Ip address of the server
  • Realm - Realm for the main CloudPBX Account
  • SSH Username - Username for ssh connection
  • SSH Secret - Password for the ssh connection
  • PBX Username - Username of the main CloudPBX Account
  • PBX Secret - Password of the main CloudPBX Account
  • PBX Account Name - Name of the main CloudPBX Account

[edit] ACL

Click on Image:icon_details.png to check ACL in the server record.


  • Access list allows to accept inbound calls on the PBX server.
  • You can add/allow/deny/delete IP's from which will be accepted inbound traffic.
  • Delete IP possibly only after rule was denied.
  • Possible to add IP's from third party providers (not MOR only) like DIDWW and other.
  • Pay attention that this traffic will be not visible in the MOR.

[edit] Users

  • You can create user with type: PBX.


  • Create user like you usually doing this
  • Select user type PBX and choose Pbx Server from drop-down menu.
  • This action will be:
  1. Create user in the MOR.
  2. Create virtual device with CLI by realm/domain authentication.
  3. Will create Account in the CloudPBX server with same credentials.
  • User in the MOR is equal to the Account on the CloudPBX with all his users and devices.
  • User in the MOR can not be deleted for security reason.
  • Because delete user equal to account delete on the CloudPBX.
  • This action would destroy all users, devices and configuration under this account without possibility to restore.
  • For this reason possible to disable only.
  • If you really want to remove account , you should to do it manually from CloudPBX GUI.

[edit] DIDs

  • DIDs for user with type PBX can be created like usually.


  • For user with type PBX, DIDs can be assigned to the PBX server.
  • Number after assigning to the PBX server will visible in the Cloud Pbx Gui.
  • Also will be possible to configure Number inside of the Cloud PBX.
  • If you are use direct connect to the DID provider from Cloud PBX , DID's you should add and configure manually in the CloudPBX GUI

[edit] Carriers

  • You can create carriers for this account directly from MOR GUI.
  • This functionality will create carriers in the CloudPBX.
  • Is not exist GUI on the CloudPBX to add/edit/delete/view Carriers.
  • Carrier on the PBX server allow Account users make outgoing calls.
  • Carrier on the PBX server is the same as provider in the MOR.
  • In the user line press on icon Carriers


  • Press button Add new Carrier


  • Fill parameters and save

[edit] Carrier parameters

  • Name - Any friendly name
  • Server - IP Address or domain name of the server
  • Username - Username if used
  • Password - Password if used
  • Priority - You can change priority if more of one carrier used
  • Enabled - Check/Uncheck for enabling/disabling
  • Realm - Realm of the Account
  • Pass Realm in INVITE - Will add extra field in invite with realm
  • Rules - Checking dialed number for matching to use this carrier
  • Prefix - Adding prefix to the dialed number
  • Suffix - Adding suffix to the dialed number
  • Progress timeout - Value in seconds to disconnect by timeout on the first SIP answer
  • Flags - Add flags, separate by comma. CName if you need to resolve domains , fax if you use faxing on this Carrier
  • Peer - Check if this Carrier is peer
  • Caller ID Options - external will be used Caller ID of the assigned number, internal will be use extension number, emergency used Caller Name and Number
  • Gateway Codecs - Check codecs which you need

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