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Please contact us before migration as only Kolmisoft team can migrate the license from old server to new one.

There are 4 forms of migration:

  • License migration. Installation is done by user and our team will only activate the license
  • Installation. Our technicians remove the license from the old server and install MOR in another one.
  • License and data migration. Full migration of data and license.
  • HDD migration. HDD migration to new server is done by user and our team will only activate the license.

Process of migration, done by Kolmisoft is the following:

  • You make a payment for migration
  • You deliver access to both servers (existing MOR server and another server with fresh Centos installation)
  • We create a ticket for migration
  • You agree a more appropriate date between 9AM – 6PM GMT+2 Monday to Friday with Kolmisoft support team.
  • Technicians start migration at agreed date
  • Old server will be active for 1 week
  • After 1 week old server expires

If you decide to migrate MOR to another server yourself, please use the following instructions.

Please note that basic knowledge of Linux administration and very basics of MySQL are needed to complete this task successfully. If you have doubts about it, we suggest to allow Kolmisoft staff to complete migration.

Login to Your system, shutdown asterisk, apache and elasticsearch:

/etc/init.d/asterisk stop
/etc/init.d/httpd stop
/etc/init.d/elasticsearch stop

This is needed to make sure you have ideal data in your new server.

Then make a backup of your databases:

  mkdir /root/backups
  cd /root/backups
  mysqldump --all-databases -u DATABASEUSER -pDATABASEPASSWORD >/root/backups/alldatabases.sql
  tar -czvf alldatabases_BACKUP.tar.gz /root/backups/*.sql

This will make an archived backup with your databases in /root/backups/alldatabases_BACKUP.tar.gz file

Download and leave a copy in some safe place, for example your workstation.

To extract files from archive do:

  tar xvfz file_name.tar.gz

To import backup, stop services

/etc/init.d/asterisk stop
/etc/init.d/httpd stop
/etc/init.d/elasticsearch stop

and run

mysql </path/to/alldatabases.sql

All databases within MySQL server will be overwritten by data from backup databases!

Copy all remaining files:

/etc/asterisk directory (asterisk config files), 
/home/mor/config (config directory)
/var/lib/asterisk/sounds (sounds, including custom ones)
/var/spool/asterisk/monitor (recordings)

If you store more files on a server (website, API integration scripts, etc.), you can also copy them.

Copy your old my.cnf file to /etc/my.cnf (then restart mysql server). Copy your old files to your new system.

If everything was smooth , its good idea to Change default passwords.

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