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[edit] About

This page is dedicated for programmers who are integrating MOR into other products or modifying MOR GUI.

[edit] Facts about MOR

[edit] Technologies used

  • Ruby on Rails - GUI
  • MySQL - used for data storage
  • Asterisk - used for interconnecting the calls.
  • CentOS Linux - platform. Other Linux distributions might work but are not supported by Kolmisoft.
  • Apache - a web server

[edit] MOR Development Machine

We advise you to create a development machine where you could test your changes. A development machine can be prepared by following this guide:

MOR installation

[edit] MOR API

[edit] Reasons to use MOR API

  • MOR API allows you to perform some operations without modifying the GUI - does not require any Ruby on Rails knowledge.
  • MOR API can be used in any programming language which supports sending POST requests.
  • When you modify a GUI directly - each time MOR system is updated - your changes are overwritten by MOR upgrade scripts. Your changes are backuped and it is your responsibility to merge those changes back.

[edit] MOR users that are allowed to use MOR API

  • Admin
  • Reseller
  • Accountant

[edit] Operations supported by MOR API

And many more...

A full MOR API documentation is available here.

[edit] Sending a POST request in various programming languages to MOR

Remember, you have to send your requests to MOR's URL. No libraries provided by Kolmisoft are needed to send POST requests to MOR. Every programming language provides it's own libraries for this task.

[edit] Facts/commands you should know

  • MOR GUI is located in /home/mor and can be accessed using a SSH supporting client like Filezilla
  • When you modify a ruby code - you have to restart the web server for the changes to take effect:
/etc/init.d/httpd restart
[root@localhost ~]# cat /root/phpMyAdminPassword
Login and Password from phpMyAdmin system: admin t5Hg1PR1yu
  • Changes in /home/mor/public are not overwritten during updates - that allows you to change default MOR images and CSS.
  • Using this command you can determine a current MOR version and revision:
svn info /home/mor

[edit] Useful tools

  • When your changes are overwritten by MOR upgrade scripts - you can restore them easier with merge tools like: Winmerge which shows you the differences between files and allows you to merge as you go.

[edit] Custom features development

Your custom developed MOR features can be integrated into main code base.

Please check here for requirements in order the features would be integrated.

[edit] Recommended developers

We recommend to find a developer that will help you with integrations in one of the following places:

Here's a feedback from one of our clients who has successfully used freelancer from Odesk to do integrations with MOR:

Regarding Odesk programmers, I do have a few that I use but the main one I use from Ukraine is full time on my projects now.  
It really depends on what skills you're looking for too. My suggestion is to post a project on Odesk and I can help you look through the candidates.  
In general, you're looking for people who have at least 100 hours, reasonable rate, Eastern European (or Pakistan if you want less expensive), not too many open projects (or they're too busy), good feedback etc. 
However it's not until you really start going back and forth with them on Skype can you tell if it's a good match.

Also, one of our customers has experience integrating front end and mobile applications with the MOR API and offers free consultations as well as custom development services:

Marshall Taplits
Trifecta Consulting Limited
Room 2305A, 23/F, World-Wide House
19 Des Voeux Road Central
Central, Hong Kong 

[edit] The best way to integrate MOR with a custom designed website

The best choice is to use the API.

Using it you can do any changes and modifications as if you were using the management portal (GUI) of MOR.

However, not all the settings which can be found in MOR GUI are possible over API.

For that, you can use the direct access to the database over the PhpMyAdmin.

The password to access to the database over the PhpMyAdmin can be found in this manual.

The direct link for a web browser is: http://YOUR IP ADDRESS/mordbadmin (e.g.

To join the database you may use the mor/mor or root user.

IMPORTANT! Any changes that are done directly in the database may ruin the system and are not supported by Kolmisoft. So make sure you consult with professionals before making any changes.

[edit] Sample Website integration with MOR #1

Here you can see screenshots from a sample website integration, done by Marshall Taplits (company - Spaxtel):

Home Screen. Shows all possibilities of a web portal.


Rates. Allows you to check your rates online.


Account. Allows you to edit details of your account.


Make a call. Allows you to initiate a callback directly from the web portal.


Recharge. Allows you to top-up your balance using credit card, Paypal, Bitcoin or other online payment method.


Call history. Allows you to review your recent calls


[edit] Sample Website integration with MOR #2

Here you can see screenshots from another sample website integration:

Login page


Start page is shown once you log in.


Rates. Allows you to check your rates online.


Last Calls. Allows you to review your recent calls.


Callback. Allows you to initiate a callback directly from the web portal.


Campaigns. Allows you to create an Auto-dialler campaign.


Quick Forwards. Allows you to use the Quick Forwards option.


Statistics. Allows you to review the statistics of your calls.


Missed calls. Allows you to review the calls that you missed.


[edit] Other information sources about MOR

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