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[edit] Routing by Quality

  • Routing by Quality functionality introduced - very powerful method of routing calls
    based on the custom formula which can consist of various dynamic quality parameters, such as ASR, ACD, answered calls and others.

IMPORTAN! Routing by Quality is a part of Advanced Routing Addon.

[edit] Paysera/SEPA Payment Gateway

  • Paysera payment gateway integration which provides many payment options together with SEPA functionality

[edit] Reports


[edit] Invoices/Subscriptions/Services

  • New setting “Group Subscriptions” allows to group Subscriptions by Service in generated Invoice PDF.
    This is useful when generated Invoice PDF has too many pages due to multiple User Subscription lines
  • Subscriptions are now ordered alphabetically in Invoices
  • Now Partners can create Services for own Resellers
  • Reworked Invoices page for easier management
  • Invoice generation tune to disallow generate invoices in the wrong periods

[edit] Recordings

  • Optimized Recordings queries for better system performance
  • Added comment field in Recordings list for simple Users. Now Users and Admin have separate comment fields for Recordings
  • When listening to a recording its  row will turn green as an indicator that the recording was listened

[edit] Optimization/Speed increase

[edit] Permissions

[edit] Voicemail

  • New Voicemail setting “Subscribe MWI” allows to use MWI functionality on phones that do not have ability to create separate registration to Mailbox
  • New Device setting Delete Voicemail after sending it allows to delete Voicemail from server after it is sent to Email

[edit] Various improvements

  • New feature CDR Export Template allows to create templates with specific columns for CSV files. These templates can be used to export CDRs from Last Calls
  • Number Pools allow to import prefixes (by adding trailing % character, for example 370%). This is useful when Number Pools are used in Blacklisting/Whitelisting.
    It is possible to block calls by Destination/Source prefix instead of specific number
  • Connection Fee is now displayed when searching for rates by number in Search page
  • New Provider setting “Execute AGI script” allows to modify call flow by executing custom Asterisk AGI script
  • Setting “Allow duplicate calls” is now accessible for Virtual devices
  • Archived call tgz files can be managed over GUI
  • Added SIP Session Timers setting for Devices and Providers
  • New User setting Show Stats from User perspective allows to hide intermediate Call attempts (when LCR contains multiple Providers) for simple User. Only single CDR per Call will be shown to User
  • SMS Tariffs have been reworked. Now Wholesale VoIP Tariffs are used to send SMS. This allows to export/import Tariffs from CSV
  • New feature Provider Contact Info allows to store additional information (such as Company name, Address, etc.) for each Provider
  • New setting Change CallerID name for Device/Provider Localization Rules allows to Localize name part of CallerID
  • It is now possible to set multiple Emails for User. Messages will be sent to all User’s Emails
  • New Alerts parameter Registration allows to monitor SIP Device and Provider registrations. Allows to receive email or take action when Device/Provider registration goes down

[edit] Usability

  • Better Action Log info with clickable links on various element IDs
  • Warning balance Email field to receive warning balance emails
  • User Invoice Settings tuned for better functionality
  • Ability to set several GUI/DB servers for proper Load Stats functionality
  • Option to disable strong passwords requirement (use at your own risk!)

[edit] Troubleshooting

  • Uptime for each Asterisk server is now displayed in Quick Stats
  • Blocked IPs are now visible over GUI for easier troubleshooting

[edit] API



SMS Addon - Kolmisoft will focus on voice switching.

  • SMS Addon will be present in future versions for the Clients which bought it earlier
  • SMS Addon will not be sold for new Clients


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