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This section describes features already implemented into version of MOR PRO v0.6.


[edit] Allow loss calls

Allow loss calls

[edit] CID control by DIDs

This setting let's you control what CID user can enter in his devices. These CID numbers should be from the set of device's DIDs. It is mainly used when user's PBX is connected over trunk and many DIDs are routed to this Trunk. Calls coming out from this PBX must have CallerID Number from the set of DIDs assigned to this Trunk (PBX). If CID from DIDs is checked - system checks if device's cid number is from dids assigned to this device. If no dids are assigned - this value is ignored. In order for this setting to be active - CID Name/Number fields must be empty to allow user enter any CID number he wants. If CID from DIDs is checked and user enters any CID (not from his DIDs) - system will change his CID by his first available DID (selected from database by lowest id).

[edit] Tariff analysis

Using this tool you can select the tariffs (wholesale) which you want to compare. Click on desired tariffs and select currency in which you want to compare tariffs. When you selected tariffs press on Generate CSV icon to get CSV file. In this file you can see all selected tariffs with their rates for ALL destinations. In 4 last columns you will find MIN and MAX rates for each destination with their providers. This let's you compare tariffs on the fly. The final section shows Total/Min/Max rates for each tariff. Using these values let's you see which tariff is the most expensive/cheap. NOTE: Min + Max can be not equal to Total because same provider can have MIN and MAX rates for some prefix if there're no more providers for this prefix (destination).

NOTE: this function is removed in MOR 0.7 due to huge system resources and limited usability

[edit] Destinations CSV

This link in Tariffs window gets you CSV file with all Destinations/Directions. It is suitable for rate entering and importing back to MOR.

[edit] API

API waits for HTML POST to get request data. Then it returns result in XML.

MOR API <- more details

[edit] Addons

New addons introduced in MOR PRO v0.6

MOR Addons <- more details

[edit] Invoice by CallerID

Invoice by CallerID

[edit] Hide users

As it is not allowed to delete users who have at least 1 call - after some time such 'non-active' users accumulate and we need to do something to them to have clear control panel.

For that reason we just Hide them. They remain active - nothing changes for them - except we do not see them in the GUI.

Later you can find them in SETTINGS - Users - Hidden. You can unhide them if you wish anytime.

To hide a user go to his details and select Hidden. To unhide - Not hidden.

[edit] Hangupcause codes

Hangupcause Codes

[edit] Active Calls

Active Calls

[edit] Quick Forwards

Quick Forwards

[edit] Destination to create from CSV

When importing rates from CSV file now you can check which Destinations will be created automatically.

You can view them in separate window when you press List in step 4 in field Destinations to create.

Such destinations do not exist in MOR database and MOR will create them when importing rate file.


[edit] Device details

This window shows all fields from database table devices to some particular device. It is only read-only.

It can help to troubleshoot login problems for device.

[edit] VoiceMail configuration


[edit] Provider with ANI

Provider with ANI

[edit] Similar scenario which can't be used with ANI for Provider

If you have access number as DID, you can enter p(pause) after your DID calling to the provider and then enter destination. But that's totally different scenario. It should be configured with DID + Auth. by ANI DialPlan, because destination is send to MOR by DTMF, not by provider as in previous example.


  • If your DID is: 234567890 and you want to dial dst: 987654321 in your mobile phone (example) you enter: 234567890p987654321
  • That way call will reach MOR, when p (pause) is reached - MOR will play "please enter destination" and 987654321 will be sent by DTMF to MOR.

[edit] Provider timeout

This setting lets set how long this provider should be dialed before giving up. Default value is 60 seconds. Minimum value is 30 seconds.

It can be found in Provider Edit page.

[edit] Device timeout

This setting can be set under each device Edit window. It describes how long device should be trying to be reached before timeouting the call.

Default value is 60 seconds. Minimum value is 10 seconds.

[edit] WebMoney integration


[edit] Process SIPCHANINFO

SIP debug info

[edit] Logo upload

Logo change

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