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IMPORTANT - this add-on is no longer supported!

Kolmisoft has stopped development of MOR Front-End due to the reason of other priority projects as company concentrates mainly on improving softswitch/ billing part.

However, there's possibility to integrate any Website / Front End you want using MOR API. Please contact for more information.


[edit] Description

Front-end for MOR system dedicated to final user to allow them to connect to self-help portal for most important features.

It integrates over XML API to the main system and is based on Magento E-Commerce platform - leader in its market.

The main advantages of this system are the complete freedom to change its look and feel. Every page, every picture, every icon, every text can all be modified to your preferences. The system can be integrated to look the same as your main web page with its own color schemes, fonts and logos.

Platform management does not require the use of a highly skilled engineer. It can be easily accomplished by in house computer-savvy employees. The platform allows the creation of new promotions, campaigns and other informational blocks online and instantly seeing the results.

MOR Front-End allows a business to enter the target market quickly and to avoid the long and exhausting development of similar user-oriented portals by third party developers.

Our professional solutions work in tandem with the self-help principle in which every final user can manage all their services online by themselves without any external help. This generates a high customer satisfaction and offers great savings on support costs.

We are actively developing new functionality in line with the newest business trends and requests from our clients. This solution grows on a daily basis and becomes stronger with each new function to support various business models in bleedingedge technology.

Kolmisoft’s MOR Front-End is designed for companies working in VoIP retail, wholesale, calling cards, resale, system integration markets.

[edit] Demo

You can access the MOR Front End Online Demo using the link below.

User interface:

If the above login does not work, you can use:

The interface allows you to see how MOR Front End looks and works and what customizations are possible.

Additional notes:

  • Administrator interface for this moment is not available.
  • This interface is not connected to Asterisk, so you will not be able to connect devices and make real calls.
  • Online demo is reload each hour.

[edit] Logic

[edit] Screenshots

It is possible to change design with own logo, colors and page-element placement. Show best rates, promotional information and anything you like!
New client can register instantly over the webpage and can start to use service without trouble.
Old customer can login to the panel using his username and password.
System can remind the password by email if User forgets it.
User can check rates to all possible destinations.
User can see his payments and other financial operations.
Most important page where User can see his calls filtered by date and/or call end status.

[edit] FAQ

Question Answer
Is there a management page? Management page is under /admin
Can I use it on the same server where MOR runs? Yes
What is this Front End based on?It is based on Magento:
Can my resellers use it?It is dedicated to end users. So yes, resellers also can have such page for their users, but a separate installation is required. There can be >1 installations on the same server.
Is it possible to manage Call Flow using Front EndNo
What MOR version do I need to use this addon? This addon is available starting with MOR 11
Can MOR front end also be our main website where we can display the product and services we offer? MOR Front-End is based on Magento platform so you can easily manage content with it
What is required data from user in order to complete the installation? Admin/Reseller password that is going to be connected (currently this addon can be used only by admin or reseller)

MOR server address which is going to be connected to MOR Front-End

User's desired domain name which will be use for accessing MOR Front-End. Example: http://SERVER_WHERE_MOR_FRONT_END_LIVES/user_or_company_name

[edit] Related information

[edit] Contact us for more details

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