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Note: this list is not up-to date.

Last update: 2012-11-01

12.1.40 bugfix to provider date limit counting …
12.1.39 reverted .38 for old clients
12.1.38 route local calls to extlines from core to save call flow etc
12.1.37 tell rate for device #6677
12.1.36 bugfix to use first flat rate plan which has most minutes
12.1.35 bugfix to use first flat rate plan which has most minutes
12.1.34 use first flat rate plan which has most minutes
12.1.33 bugfix to flat-rate counting by seconds
12.1.32 bugfix to flat-rate counting by seconds
12.1.31 send email when callerid blocked #6461
12.1.30 bugfix to correctly apply ghost_min_percent_rate #6659
12.1.29 typos
12.1.28 bugfix to answer time over internal db for weird channel mess (AD …
12.1.27 bugfix to allow pbx functions with ani/pin dp
12.1.26 bugfix to charge calls which use local channels (IVR, AD, etc)
12.1.25 check serial number…
12.1.24 bugfix to allow pbx functions with ani dp
12.1.23 check SIPCHANINFO only for SIP channel
12.1.22 bugfix to #6510
12.1.21 bugfix to log first failed call #6594
12.1.20 bugfix to #6632 and hgc241 changed to NO ANSWER
12.1.19 bugfix to #6632
12.1.18 more debug to rbillsec/rduration
12.1.17 bugfix to failed call billsec #6632
12.1.16 bugfix to cc end ivr2 loop
12.1.15 bugfix to billing on ast18 when duration < billsec #14138
12.1.14 bugfix for ast18 duration on second call from ivr
12.1.13 send progress for ast18 tells #6433
12.1.12 bugfix to ast18 billing for second+ call over IVR
12.1.11 bugfix for ast18 dial to did to support ivr
12.1.10 bugfix do not play audio on failed callback lega
12.1.9 bugfix check internal routing only for SIP calls
12.1.8 bugfix to do not go to cc ivr after callback init call (ast18)
12.1.7 bugfix to did routing to other server #6539
12.1.6 bugfix to ast18 diversion retrieval
12.1.5 bugfix to abort the call on hgc 241
12.1.4 bugfix to empty card ivr logic #6480
12.1.3 bugfix to pinless cc callerid removal from ivr #6481
12.1.2 code cleanup
12.1.1 duration/billsec calculation total rework, pdd fix, something else
12.0.61 bugfix to lcr to do not inherit failover settings from first lcr …
12.0.60 bugfix to prov timeout when first used all its minutes per day
12.0.59 bugfix for dids to select correct rate by daytype
12.0.58 bugfix to cc did reread rate by time
12.0.57 fix for cc to no go to end ivr when no dst is entered
12.0.56 fix to .54 - terminate calls, block cli based on allowed sim. …
12.0.55 fix to .54 - terminate calls, block cli based on allowed sim. …
12.0.54 terminate calls, block cli based on allowed sim. calls for …
12.0.53 bugfix to play correct msg for cc
12.0.52 bugfix to save user_id to failed lcr calls
12.0.51 bugfix to cc pin asking
12.0.50 small fix to failover
12.0.49 fix to .47
12.0.48 fix to .47
12.0.47 leave callerid for card if balance empty if requested by ccg
12.0.46 reverted .45
12.0.45 localize prov callerid always
12.0.44 bugfix to dst on routing
12.0.43 bugfix to dst on routing
12.0.42 bugfix - do not localize if routing over another server
12.0.41 hgc from conf file implementation
12.0.40 allow prepaid with negative balance use flat rates
12.0.39 bugfix: apply lcr/tariff from localization after owner change
12.0.38 security 2.4.1
12.0.37 security 2.4
12.0.36 SIPCHANINFO->CHANNEL for ast18
12.0.35 cc tariff by did implementation
12.0.34 debug to cc min balance
12.0.33 card minimal balance implementation
12.0.32 security 2.3.1
12.0.31 strict control for callerid retrieval for ast18
12.0.30 debug remove
12.0.29 fix to .28
12.0.28 some fix for cli crash on ast18
12.0.27 debug to find related dahdi crash
12.0.26 bugfix to cli and debug for timeout
12.0.25 zap->dahdi
12.0.24 use did inc con fee only once
12.0.23 security 2.2
12.0.22 security 2.1
12.0.21 security v2.0
12.0.20 reverted previous version due to no answer for answered calls
12.0.19 bugfix to support ast18 move to next priority on hangup
12.0.18 device rules implementation
12.0.17 empty cc support - allow topup
12.0.16 ani/pin end_ivrs support
12.0.15 dids.user_id -> calls.dst_user_id save
12.0.14 hangup all devices calls when its daily limit reached
12.0.13 dump activecalls to tmp folder on core start
12.0.12 bugfix to cc hole
12.0.11 bugfix do not route call to other server over did for virtual …
12.0.10 bugfix to cc callerid delete on dup. call
12.0.9 bugfix to hgc 240
12.0.8 flatrates by seconds implemented
12.0.7 cards/dids call count implementation
12.0.6 bugfix to use Diversion with QFdids
12.0.5 bugfix to properly send callerid from one asterisk server to …
12.0.4 bugfix to first prov rate percent comparison to other provs
12.0.3 hgc240 to avoid loop dialing provider which belongs to the user
12.0.2 bugfix to lcr, retrieve max 50 providers 

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