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[edit] Description

MOR API functionality that allows you to create PBX pool.

[edit] Usage

  • From MOR X8 call: /api/pbx_pool_create
  • Methods: POST, GET(if allowed, not recomended)

[edit] Parameters

Parameters which are included into hash:

  • name - PBX Pool unique name. Required.

Parameters which are not included into hash:

[edit] Request

We have u = admin, API Secret Key = secret We send:

HTML POST: http://<SERVER_IP>/billing/api/pbx_pool_create?u=admin&name=pbx_pool_test&hash=7e112ededcfee097cce21b6201c6d2a00dda1f4c
  • Now we can find 1 newly created PBX Pool.

* Note that a Username is not included into hash

[edit] Returns


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <success>PbxPool was succesfully created</success>


  • <error>PbxPool must have name</error> - PBX Pool name was not provided in request.
  • <error>PbxPool name must be unique</error> - PBX Pool name was already used.
  • <error>Incorrect hash</error> - Hash was not correct. Check API_Secret_Key and order or params while concatenating hash_string.
  • <error>You are not authorised to use this functionality/error> - the specified user doesn't have permissions to create PBX Pool.
  • <error>Access Denied</error> - the specified user is not allowed to create PBX Pool.

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