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[edit] Descriptiom

MOR API DID assign Device

[edit] Usage

  • From MOR X4 call: /api/did_device_assign
  • For Backwards-compatibility old name 'did_assignt_device' is also usable. Call: /api/did_assign_device
  • Methods: POST, GET(if allowed, not recommend)

[edit] Parameters

Parameters which are included into hash:

  • device_id - Device ID in MOR database, to be assigned for specified DID Required.
  • did - DID number to which device have to be assigned. Required.

Parameters which are not included into hash:

[edit] Request

We have device_id = 1, did=123456789, API Secret Key = secret

We send

HTML POST: http://<SERVER_IP>/billing/api/did_device_assign?u=username&did=123456789&device_id=1&hash=bc2f114099d16656d37e45fd9e8744cb9386d462

Now we can view these changes in GUI through DID edit.

NOTE that username and password are not included in hash

NOTE if you want to assign DID to Reseller's User Device, then reserve DID to Reseller first by using MOR_API_did_details_update and after that use did_device_assign with u=<reseller username>.

[edit] Returns


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <success>Device assigned to DID</success>


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <error>Error message</error>

Error messages:

  • Incorrect hash – Hash was not correct. Check API_Secret_Key and order or params while concatenating hash_string.
  • Access Denied – Only Admin, Accountant or Reseller may use API.
  • Device was not found – Device ID does not exist in system.
  • DID was not found – DID number does not exist or incorrect.
  • Your are not authorized to use this Device – Specified Device is not available to this user.
  • You are not authorized to manage DIDs – If Accountant or Reseller is using API, they should have all permissions to perform specified actions.
  • Your are not authorized to use this DID – Specified DID is not available to this user.
  • DID is terminated – DID is terminated and cannot be used.
  • DID is not free – DID is being used in a Dial Plan or another Device is already assigned.
  • Device was not assigned – unknown error

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