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[edit] Description

Managers are type of users who are controlled by permissions assigned to them. There can be several different Managers with different set of permissions. For example, one manager can access Users, but not the Devices and another can manager Devices, but cannot access Users.

[edit] Usage

Go to MAINTENANCE –> Managers to access the list of Managers:

File:Managers list.png

On this page you can go permissions page and edit them (Manager Group column), login as Manager, check log of Manager's activity, edit or delete him. You can also access create form by clicking on Add new Manager.

[edit] Manager Create/Edit

You can access this page from Managers List clicking on Add New Manager button creating a new Manager or by clicking Edit on already existing Manager to edit his data.
In order to create new Manager, at least one Manager Group must exist.

You must specify Name, Username and Password upon creating new Manager.
When editing a Manager you can leave Password input blank, this way Manager's Password will not be changed.
If you check Show only assigned Users, manager will see only data of assigned Users (Responsible Manager can be assigned in User Edit window).

[edit] Manager Groups

Go to MAINTENANCE –> Managers -> Groups to access the list of Manager Groups:


To change permissions you have to click on EDIT/PERMISSIONS and reach window like this:


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