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[edit] Description

M2 Customer Invoice is dedicated for final User of M2, who have to pay for made Calls. Admin can see and manage them in ACCOUNTING –> Customer Invoices, User can reach list of his Invoices and check them from main menu. Despite your settings all values in Invoices are rounded into two digits after comma.

Invoices are generated automatically according to User's Billing Period (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly).

[edit] Invoices List

Invoices can be viewed, created (WIP) or exported to either XLSX or PDF file in ACCOUNTING –> Customer Invoices. In the main window, you can see list of all the Invoices.

All Prices are displayed in particular Invoice Currency. That means that in each line of Invoice Price and Price with TAX will be shown in currency which is written in Currency column. The Currency column tells which currency Invoice was generated with. Also the exchange rate at the invoice generation moment is saved in the database so it may differ from the up to date exchange rate.
Total Price and Price with TAX are calculated into viewing Currency, which you can choose in upper corner of page. In Total price calculation there are used saved exchange Rate of each Invoice.


Default system Currency is USD
Invoice A is generated on price = 100 in currency EUR with exchange rate 0.5
Invoice B is generated on price = 100 in currency DZD with exchange rate 0.25
Invoice C is generated on price = 100 in currency ALL with exchange rate 0.75

But now exchange rate are different: EUR - 0.75, DZD - 0.5 and ALL - 1.0.

If you want to see Total price(sum of these 3 Invoices) in EUR. For Invoice B and C will be set exchange rate of today, but for invoice A exchange rate will be from that day when invoice was generated (0.5).

Same calculations with other currencies
If you want to see Total price in DZD. For Invoice A and C will be set exchange rate of today, but for invoice B exchange rate will be from that day when invoice was generated (0.25).
If you want to see Total price in ALL. For Invoice A and B will be set exchange rate of today, but for invoice C exchange rate will be from that day when invoice was generated (0.75).

Total price will be 733.3333 USD, or 500 EUR, or 266.6667 DZD, or 700 ALL

[edit] Invoice Edit

Invoice edit is accessed from invoices list.

Here you are able to see some information of the user and Invoice displayed and also some details of the Invoice can be edited.

Price and Price with TAX are displayed in a currency the invoice was generated with. It will not be changed according to system settings.
The Exchange rate at the invoice generation moment is also saved in the database and displayed in Invoice Edit page.
Period Start and Period End dates are not affected by time zones: only Issue Date, Date Due and Status changed at changes according to the time zone of the system.

Also you are able to refresh Client Details and regenerate xlsx file by pressing RECALCULATE in particular Invoice edit.

[edit] Invoice Details

You can find this page by clicking Invoice details link in the Invoice Edit page.

In the Invoice Lines page there is information about destinations, rates assigned to those destinations, calls made to the destinations, total time per destination and price for all the calls made to the specific destination.

This page can be accessed from Invoice edit page.

In this page you can search by destination prefix. For example: enter 35567 and Albania mobile destination will be displayed.

Search can also be made with wildcard %. If you enter 35%, %67, 3%7 or %56%, Albania mobile will also be displayed.

[edit] Billing Period

User can have 3 different Billing Periods:

  • Weekly - every week for Monday - Sunday
  • Bi-weekly - twice a month for 1 - 15 and 16 - end of month
  • Monthly - every month for 1 - end of month

If you change User's Billing Period, old Invoices will be generated automatically. To disable this feature, you may set variable skip_missing_invoices = 1 in /etc/m2/system.conf. This way only new Invoices will be generated and missing/deleted Invoices will not be re-generated automatically.

[edit] Invoice recalculate

Invoices can be recalculated in Invoice list by selecting check boxes for each Invoice individually and then pressing "Recalculate selected" button or by pressing "Recalculate" button in specific Invoice edit page.

[edit] Send selected

Invoices can be sent to User manually by selecting check boxes in Invoice list for each Invoice individually and then pressing "Send selected" button. Invoices are being sent once in 10 minutes. By default Invoices are will be sent in XLSX format. If Send XLSX Invoices converted to PDF: option is enabled in Maintenance->Settings, Invoices will be converted to PDF and sent as PDF files.

[edit] User Invoices

Invoices can be viewed by Users and exported in XLSX or PDF format

File:Fine results.png

By pressing on DETAILS User will be redirected to Invoice Details page


  • User - User to which the Invoice belongs.
  • Invoice Number - number of the Invoice.
  • Period Start - Invoice start period.
  • Period End - Invoice end period.
  • Invoice Status - status of the Invoice.
  • Price - Invoice price without tax.
  • Price with TAX - Invoice price with tax.
  • Time Zone - Time Zone in which Invoice is generated.
  • Confirm to Send via Email - Send or not this Invoice to the User by Email.
  • Issue Date - date of issue.
  • Date Due - data till when Invoice should be paid.
  • Status changed at - date when Invoice status was changed.
  • Currency - Invoice Currency.
  • Exchange rate - rate of exchange.

[edit] Manual Invoices generation

Invoices can be generated manually in Invoices list.

NOTE: If you select ALL Users, then invoices only be generated for the Users which has setting Generate Invoices manually enabled (in User's Edit window).

File:Invoice generation.png

[edit] Invoice cannot be generated error

Invoices will be generated only if Elasticsearch data is up to date and consistent with MySQL data. This is usually seen in MOR main page ES Sync Status:


If there are data inconsistencies between Elasticsearch and MySQL, you will see a notification Invoice cannot be generated due to data inconsistencies, please contact support and Invoice will not be generated. This is done to prevent generating incorrect Invoices. Please contact support if you get this message or you may solve it manually by following this guide.

[edit] XLSX Invoices

XLSX file to export an Invoice is made from your own XLSX format template and information from Invoices main window.

[edit] Global XLSX template

Create a xlsx file. Template you can prepare as you wish, you can fill it with information of company, draw tables with column names, describe information taken from Invoice main window and so on. Template have to be uploaded in MAINTENANCE -> Settings, INVOICES setting Default XSLX Template

  • Check New XLSX template apply for old Invoices if you want to change XLSX template for Invoices which is already generated.
  • Example of XLSX Invoice can be downloaded here.

[edit] Configuration for Dynamic information

When you already have a template for example with all data of your company, with drawn tables and so on, you need to define where should be shown the dynamic information of invoice. How and what information is displayed can be set same MAINTENANCE -> Settings page. Just need to define cell address in correct format.

For example "A2", "B15", "AA9"


NOTE: If you do not want to use particular dynamic value just leave empty input for it.

[edit] XLSX template For Users

By default system global (default) template is used for all users. It is possible to enable specific templates for different users. This can be done by clicking on Excel Icon on in User's edit window.


After clinking on this icon, new window will appear (similar to Global XLSX template), where you can upload and enabled/disable custom template and adjust cell values.


[edit] XLSX invoice files without Currency names

In some cases when you want to add additional mathematical formulas in XLSX file, you will need invoice prices without Currency names. In this case you should use setting Do not show currencies in XLSX Invoices in MAINTENANCE -> Settings.

File:Invoice setting.png

[edit] Converting to PDF format

It is possible to convert XLSX invoice to PDF format using the following methods:

  • By clicking on DOWNLOAD PDF in Invoice Details page.
  • If Send XLSX Invoices converted to PDF option is enabled, sending invoices over email will convert XLSX files to PDF.
  • If downloaded PDF invoice is wrong, it means that XLSX template file probably is corrupted. Solution: Upload XLSX template to Google Docs, open it in Google sheets and download it as XLSX. After that upload this file into M2.


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