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[edit] Description

REPORTS –> Calls List shows the most recent calls in the system. It is used in Troubleshooting.

Calls List search is available both for users and administrators. You can make search by Originator (User), Origination Point, call Status, Hangup Cause, Termination Point, Source or Destination.


Billsec - billable duration (from answer to hangup) excluding minimal time and increment;

Duration - call duration from first INVITE to BYE.

File:Arrow_switch_bright_red.png / File:Arrow_switch_light_green.png - shows codecs used. Red icon indicates transcoding and green arrow indicates that legA and legB used same codecs and no transcoding was done. No icon means codecs are unknown.

File:Icon_callinfo.png - redirects to Call Info page where detailed information about the calls is shown.

File:Icon_test.png - redirects to Call Tracing page.

[edit] Search usage

Destination field allows to search by Exact destination, by first digits and by matching pattern.


  • 370123 will return all calls where number is "370123";
  • 370% will return all calls where number begins with "370";
  • %70% will return all calls where number contains "70".

[edit] CSV

Using the "Export to CSV" icon you can export your currently displayed calls into CSV

[edit] PDF

Using the "Export to PDF" icon you can export your currently displayed calls into PDF

[edit] Additional columns

Admin can add additional columns in Calls list by selecting settings in MAINTENANCE -> Settings -> Last Calls tab.

File:M2 last calls settings.png

[edit] Calls list for end Users

Calls list for end Users show calls made by User and calls made by others through User's Terminators. If User made a call, then call price shows how much User pays to System Admin (User price). If someone else made call trough User's Terminator, then call price show how much System Admin pays to User (Terminator price).

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