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LINE1 of PAP2T must be connected to hpone ONLY 2-wire cable ! NEVER USE 4-wire cable on PAP2T/SPA-2102 LINE1 socket

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3) your connection between PAP2T LINE1 and phone is 4-wire and phone short cuircuits the LINE1 and LINE2 wires (which are BOTH ├║resent on LINE1 scket). Make sure you downgrade to 2-wire cable - only inner 2 wires are needed.

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This reminds me something. The phone may just generate "not the right" impedancy when you hangup the tube. My proposal here is to experiment. In the REGIONAL tab, there is FXS Port Impedancy. The DEFAULT 600 Ohm is I think for U.S. For phones designed for non-US PSTN network, this value in PAP2T needs to be changed to fit the local PSTN network characteristic - or better phone's characteristics.

Here is a little trick how you can check if the PAP2T properly detects the phone being hang-up : during call and namely at hangup moment, watch the STATUS page of the build-in WEB ... and you shall notice the HOOK STATUS change from OFF-HOOK to ON-HOOK. If not, PAP2T has troubles to detect the phones hangup - due to impedancy or whatever - and play with regional's tab FXS port impedancy.

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Having both line 1 and line 2 activated and connecting the supplied phone cord between a phone that use all 4 lines in the cable and phone1 on PAP2T device, the device starts to blink phone 2 led. Incoming calls gets answered automatically and immediately hung up again. Outgoing calls can no longer be made.

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