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Also called: Tech Prefix functionality.

The main purpose of this function is for calls to be routed through a provider or providers based on call prefix.

You have to create a provider, tariff, LCR (where the specified provider has to be), and a user with his device. And most important, the localization rule or rules. It should be applied per device basis (Device settings -> Location), making sure the specified device has the correct rule applied. It must be noted that specified rules have higher priority than global rules.

  • 1) Create a new tariff, provider, LCR, user and device.
  • 2) Assign the newly made provider to the new LCR.
  • 3) Create a new localization rule, named for example "test1".
  • 4) Assign the device to location "test1".
  • 5) Now edit the "test1" rule. It should be done last with normal localization rules, but when you are creating a localization rule based on tariff or LCR, assign the specified Tariff or LCR to correct place.

You can find more info on how to make rules in Number Manipulation.

[edit] Example

Lets say we have a provider that provides three quality routes: bad-cheap/normal/good-expensive.

  • The bad-cheap route is selected when dialing an E.164 number with prefix 00.
  • The normal route is dialed when dialing the normal E.164 number.
  • The good-expensive route is selected when dialing the E.164 number with the prefix 000.

To accomplish this, we need to:

  • Create three providers with the same connection settings:
    • Bad_Provider
    • Normal_Provider
    • Good_Provider
  • Create three Tariffs for providers:
    • Provider_Tariff_Bad
    • Provider_Tariff_Normal
    • Provider_Tariff_Good
  • Enter/Import appropriate rates to these Tariffs.
  • Assign these Tariffs to providers.
  • Create three LCRs and assign appropriate providers:
    • Bad_LCR - assign Bad_Provider here
    • Normal_LCR - assign Normal_Provider here
    • Good_LCR - assign Good_Provider here
  • Create three Tariffs for users:
    • User_Tariff_Bad
    • User_Tariff_Normal
    • User_Tariff_Good
  • Enter/Import appropriate rates to these Tariffs.
  • Create Location BadNormalGood with the following Rules:


  • Assign User_Normal_Tariff and Normal_LCR to User.
  • Assign all the user's devices to Location BadNormalGood.

That's it.

Now when the user dials E.164 numbers, he will be using the normal route; when 00, the bad route; and when 000, the good route.

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