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[edit] Description

This example shows how to add an IVR for Calling Cards.

Usually it is a greeting which says: "Welcome to X Cards, thank you for using our services..."

We need to have an already created Calling Card Dial Plan to proceed (check the main guide for how to do this).

[edit] Steps

We need to take the following steps:

  1. Create a Voice.
  2. Upload a Sound file to this Voice (e.g. a greeting).
  3. Create a Time Period in which our IVR will be active (we will make it active all the time in this example).
  4. Create the IVR. The IVR should:
    1. Wait 2 seconds for a call to be established.
    2. Change the language/Voice to 'zn' - e.g. Chinese.
    3. Play the greeting.
    4. Transfer the call to the Calling Card Dial Plan (through DID).

[edit] Logic

The main logic of this example is the following:

  • User dials into IVR Dial Plan DID (we will use 111 for this example).
  • DID 111 forwards to IVR Dial Plan.
  • IVR Dial Plan plays greeting.
  • IVR forwards to Calling Card Dial Plan DID (we will use 222 for this example).
  • DID 222 forwards to Calling Card Dial Plan.
  • Calling Card Dial Plan executes with normal Calling Card logic.

Note that DID 222 is a middle DID used for inner routing. It can be fake. DID 111 should be real, so that real calls can come to it.

[edit] Video

This video demonstrates the whole setup process:

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