How to setup Access Number to TopUp Card by CallerID

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[edit] Description

In this example we will setup DID (Access Number) which is only for Card TopUp.

When user dials to this number, his CallerID is checked and if Card is found - another Card's PIN is asked to topup first user's card.

If User's Card is not found by CallerID - system asks to enter PIN to find out such Card.

Cards CallerID is made equal to the caller's CallerID.

[edit] Setup

This can be done using PBX Function External DID

At first setup PBX Function - External DID:


Then forward some DID to this PBX Function:


In file /etc/asterisk/extensions_mor_external_did.conf

enter such lines:

exten => 777,1,Set(MOR_TOPUP_CC_CLI=${CALLERID(number)})
exten => 777,n,Set(MOR_TOPUP_CC_BY_CLI=1)
exten => 777,n,GotoIf($[${LEN(${MOR_LANGUAGE})} > 0]?set_lang:exec_agi)
exten => 777,n(set_lang),Set(CHANNEL(language)=${MOR_LANGUAGE})
exten => 777,n(exec_agi),AGI(mor_card_topup)
exten => 777,n,Hangup

Change 777 to the DID number in your configuration!

Reload Asterisk and that is all.

[edit] See also

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