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[edit] Post Dial Delay (PDD)

The time between punching in the last digit of a telephone number and receiving a ring or busy signal.

[edit] Bad Provider

Try to change Provider and see if it helps.

Open Asterisk CLI and watch how call goes. If you see:


And then nothing to hear - that means Provider takes long time to deliver your call.

[edit] Can we somehow configure the switch to cancel the call setup if PDD is too long (example like 8 seconds)?

There is no such possibility. The system is are aware of the PDD length only when call is already answered.

[edit] Linksys PAP2T ATA

In order for your PAP2T to connect the call immediately after you dial you need to set up a dial plan. On the web configuration page under the "Line x" tab at the bottom there is field for a dial plan. The dial plan tells the PAP2T which numbers to match, for example: (*xx|8xxxxxxx|0[2-9][2-9]xxxxxxx) matches feature codes, 8 digit number beginning with 8 and 10 digit numbers beginning with 0 and 2-9. More info on the Linksys dial plan format can be found in the Linksys IP Phone Admin Guide.

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