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Many DID providers started to limit Callback services over their DIDs. They started to send several INVITE packets for Callback initialization which causes several Callbacks at once and really annoys users.

DID providers refuse to fix this and even write in their service agreements, that they 'do not support callback'.

It is necessary to note that this 'error' cannot be fixed by sending 'correct' hangup cause code, because DID provider does not care, they still send several INVITES which messes up callback service.

To counter this we implemented security mechanism to prevent such bad practice from DID providers.

Now MOR initiates only one callback call based on first INVITE. All other similar INVITES are ignored.

This change is implemented in MOR 10 and all future versions.

We are happy to announce that our clients now can use any DID provider for callback which was not possible before.

Let us know if you have some new problems from DID providers with callback service. We will try to counter such nasty practices in the shortest time possible.

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