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[edit] Description

Custom Rates are rates that differ from the default user's tariff. When Retail type tariff is assigned to User as a main tariff, Custom Rates icon appear in Users list or edit page. Note that Custom Rates are not available with any other type of tariff. If Custom Rates and/or tariff rates are set for the user, only the Custom Rates will be shown in the details of Destination rates.

[edit] Usage

Go to SETTINGS –> Users


In Users list you can see Image:icon_rates.png icon by the Users with Retail Tariff assigned:


Clicking on the Image:icon_rates.png icon will open the list of all Custom Rates applied to the specific user:


From the drop-down list, select the Destination Group for which you want to create a Custom Rate and click Image:icon_add.png icon. To edit Custom Rates click on Image:Rates-icon.png icon and enter the page where you can define when the custom rate takes place: you can set specific day time or week days, by clicking "Split to Work Days and Free Days":


You can edit Custom Rates details by clicking Image:Details-icon.png icon:


[edit] Example

Users A and B both have the tariff 'GOLD', but customer A has a rate to Russia of 0.5 and customer B has a tariff to Spain of 0.6. 'GOLD' rates for these destinations are 0.7 and 0.8. Put new values for each customer in their Custom Rates and the new rates will be used instead of the default tariff rates. This makes it possible to assign different rates for different customers, without creating a new tariff for everyone.

Most of the time, customers are only interested in calling a few destinations. Nobody needs complete A-Z destinations. With Custom Rates, it is possible to adjust rates to the relevant destinations.

[edit] From Reseller and Reseller PRO

Go to MAIN MENU –> Users and in Users list there are Image:icon_rates.png icon by the Users with Retail Tariff assigned. Reseller and Reseller PRO are able to manage their own Users Custom Rates as admin.

[edit] From Accountant

Accountant can manage Custom Rates of admin Users if there are set See Financial Data, Manage Users and User Tariff permissions in Accountant permissions.

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