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IMPORTANT - this add-on is no longer supported!

Clic2Call module is dedicated to marketing companies which want to sell banners for click2call service.


[edit] Concepts

  • Client - interested person who enters his number in the banner
  • Device - Operator - person (worker in company) who answers calls
  • Campaign - virtual entity which describes one marketing campaign with several properties such as who have to answer the call, etc
  • User - Company - one separate organization which can have many Campaigns

[edit] System setup

  • Create User/Device (Company/Operator)

Create some Virtual device for the Company and forward it to your phone which should be used to serve the calls.

NOTE: you can use SIP/IAX2/etc devices if you want to use VoIP phone to serve calls.

  • Allow this User to have Click2Call (C2C) Campaigns:

Go to SETTINGS - Addons - Click2Call and select user which should be allowed to have C2C Campaigns. Subscribe this user and he will be able to manage his C2C Campaigns in his login window.

[edit] Click2Call initiation

  • On webpage user sees banner where he enters his phone number.
    • By this action he agrees that he will receive call from company which is advertising in this banner.
  • Banner send HTTP POST request to MOR server.

[edit] Call destination control

  • Destinations which can be dialed have rates in tariff which is assigned to users/companies.
  • Destinations without rates will not be dialed.
    • API will return error code that this destination is not supported.
Example: user enters number starting with 900…
We do not have rate for such call in our tariff so call will not be placed.

[edit] Call

  • System dials user first by default (if not set otherwise).
    • It is possible to choose where to call first: user or company.
  • When user pickups the phone:
    • System plays some prerecorded message to user (asking to wait, thanking for the calls, etc)
    • System dials to compamy
  • When company pickups - calls are bridged between user and company.

[edit] Failed call handling

  • If call can't be placed to user:
    • It can be redialed X times doing Y length pauses between redials
  • If call can't be placed to user X times call is visible in companie's GUI as FAILED call
    • Company can press on this call and callback will be initiated
      • First company will be dialed
      • When company answers - user will be dialed
      • When (IF) user answers - calls will be bridged

[edit] Statistics

  • Each company is able to see initiated calls with their status: COMPLETED/FAILED CALLING TO USER/FAILED CALLING TO COMPANY
  • Each call can have comment
    • Comment can have separate fields which can be set differently for each comment type
    • Call lists with comments can be exported to CSV
  • Call has field Direction which is based on user's number - tells from which country, city user is (or which mobile priovider)
  • Each Click2Call call consists of 2 separate real calls - to user and to company. Their stats are shown.
  • Call summary stats - how many calls in selected period, completed/failed user-company, etc +realtime
  • Diff. time interval comparison.

[edit] Invoices

  • Invoice to company is made on Click2Call basis. E.g. each COMPLETED click2call has X price.
  • Invoices can be exported to PDF.

[edit] Reminders

  • Company get's reminded by email if it is late to answer to some calls. Timeout is set separately for each campaign.
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