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[edit] >>> This feature is discontinued <<<

[edit] Description

This function allows you to click on the phone icon in MOR GUI to initiate callback to a selected number.

Enable it in SETTINGS - Functionality - Click2Call active.

MOR will ring your default device and when you pick up, it will ring the destination number.

Click2Call works in following way:

  1. You press on the Image:icon_phone.png icon next to the phone number.
  2. Your phone rings.
  3. When you pick up your phone, you are connected with the number you entered.

When you click the Image:icon_phone.png icon next to the phone number, the small popup window appears which shows that the number is dialing.


Check that you have a device.

For example, if you login as admin to the MOR GUI, go to: http://YOUR_MOR_IP/billing/devices/show_devices/0 and check whether you have any device.

If you do, make sure that the device is working and that it is marked as the default device.

[edit] Call is not activated

Make sure you have marked a device as Default and that this Default Device is connected to the Asterisk server, that is, you can call from it outside.

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