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[edit] Problem

CallerID is empty or wrong on receiving end from MOR

[edit] Troubleshooting

Make sure there're empty fields in Device's settings window CallerID section (Name/Number)

[edit] TrixBox Trunk Troubleshooting

When passing multiple CallerIDs from multiple extensions in TrixBox through a single ANI-enabled trunk to MOR, make sure to define the outbound TrixBox PEER CallerID as empty using callerid="" <>.

If you don't include this, your MOR trunk will publish whichever CallerID was last passed to it. This will not allow you to correctly track different users' CallerID in MOR to provide them with separate call cost tracking.

Also, be sure NOT to define the inbound USER CalleID on the same TrixBox trunk with the same empty entry. If you do, the CallerID will be stripped from all incoming calls

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