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SETTINGS > Billing > LCR and then click on icon in "By destinations" column.

Some destinations need fine tuning to better tell which providers should be used to reach that destination and in which order.

Each user has an assigned LCR. For some destinations, it is possible to set a different LCR.


Different LCR can be set on Prefix, Destination Name or Destination Group.

Destination Names support wildcard characters:

  •  % matches any number of characters, even zero characters.
  • _ matches exactly one character.

[edit] Example

We take Paraguay as example, because this country has a small number of destinations.


Let's say we have three providers (in LCR: Primary), and we use them all together for all our destinations. The route is picked by the least cost route, that is, the LCR order is by Price:


Then we have the situation that calls to Paraguay (except those to Mobiles) do not go through the provider Eutelia.

To handle this situation we create a new LCR: Secondary, in which the order is Priority. It excludes Eutalia and has only two providers:


Now we need to configure Routing per destination.

Click on the By destinations icon for Primary LCR (because Primary LCR is used by the user who dials):


We create the following configuration:


[edit] Explanation

Now when the user dials any Paraguay FIX number, the call will be routed using LCR: Secondary with order: priority:


We can click on Active destinations and will see for which prefixes such an LCR applies:


As we know that Eutalia can route calls to Mobile networks of Paraguay, so MOB destinations will be handled by old LCR:


We can click on Active destinations and will see for which prefixes such an LCR applies:


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