Call Routing by priority (Manual LCR)

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[edit] Description

Call Routing by priority means that a call is routed by a predetermined order, not by the cheapest price for the destination.

This method of routing is used when it is known that a Provider provides better quality for some destinations, or for some other reason a call should go in some special order.

[edit] Usage

To set this feature go to SETTINGS –> Billing –> LCR


Press Image:icon_add.pngNew LCR to create new LCR or click on image:icon_edit.png icon on existing LCR and set the order type of priority in LCR:


Then go to Providers list, like it is marked in picture below


Click on Change Order to change the order of Providers for this LCR:


Now you can use blue arrows to change Providers order:


or use drag and drop if you check Change LCR priority by using drag and drop option in SETTINGS –> Setup –> Settings –> Visual tab

LCR is prepared. Assign this LCR to users and route calls manually.

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