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[edit] Description

Hosted Softswitch or Switch Partitioning is a turnkey solution which enables providing various telecom services which are named in the next section.

Partitioned service refers to the type of service in which the customer has exclusive access to a portion of Hosted Softswitch (including equipment, software, database, bandwidth etc.)

for a period of time as per the service contract. Thereby, all partitions are identical in nature in terms of feature and functionalities yet differentiated due to the selected service plans.

Hosted softswitch/ billing service is the same as partitioned softswitch / billing service and the two terms can be referred to the same product.

[edit] Possible services

  • Wholesale origination and termination
  • Retail (PC to Phone, Phone to Phone, etc)
  • Calling Cards
  • Call Shop
  • SMS
  • Voice Broadcasting

[edit] What is needed to implement this

[edit] Financial figures

After the thorough analysis it was noticed that hosted softwitch price for small companies varies between 150-250 EUR/month (you can try to make this analysis too).

Furthermore, some providers charge additionally per:

  • Consumed minutes (0.001-0.002 EUR/minute if some amount of minutes is exceeded)
  • Additional services/ modules (SMS, Calling Cards, Call Shop, Auto Dialer)

The following calculations are based on Kolmisoft personal experience.

After introducing such inexpensive alternative to the market we have attracted 10 clients in a single month and the number increased step by step.

Below is a table which shows the results which we have achieved in 6 months (we had 2 plans - 150 EUR/month and 200 EUR/month, additional fee if you exceed 0.1 million minutes - 0.001 EUR):

Month New Clients Lost clients Total Clients Monthly Income Additional income per minutes
1 10 0 10 1500 EUR 0 EUR
2 4 2 12 1900 EUR 0 EUR
3 5 2 15 2350 EUR 512 EUR
4 31 17 2700 EUR 312 EUR
5 6 3 20 3250 EUR 712 EUR
6 4 2 22 3550 EUR 832 EUR

TOTAL income in 6 months: 17 618 EUR

As you see, some of the clients did not manage to cover monthly price terminated the services while some of them even exceeded their expectations and made great business, which lead to our success as well, as they consumed their minutes and paid few times more than minimal monthly fee.

[edit] Contact us

So in total Reseller PRO functionality is a win-win solution: small companies get an entry point to start and manage VoIP business using any provider of their choice,

while you add value for your business by expanding your services and receiving stable income each month.

Contact us if you want to see how Reseller PRO addon can help your business.

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