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[edit] Business model description


In this business model Caller dials some DID (Access Number) to reach the system and from the system he can call "for free" to any allowed number.

Caller pays to use the DID and this covers calls price to PSTN.

Money received by DID owner from Caller are passed to the Softswitch owner which pays for Termination.

Such business model allows create interesting offers to the clients allowing them to dial "for free" to many destinations.

Also it is possible and popular to use this business model together with Quick Forward function, which allows Caller to dial some DID and his call automatically routes to some predefined destination.

This business model simplifies cash flow, because Caller receives one invoice from his Phone Service provider, and DID price is included in this invoice.

Softswitch owner receives one payment from DID owner for all DIDs usage which is very convenient.

[edit] Providers who pay for incoming calls to DID

There are various providers worldwide who do pay for incoming calls to DID, here is one of the examples:

  • Mediafon UAB ( is Lithuanian based provider who supplies local DIDs and pays 0.01 - 0.023 EUR/minute depending on the originator and time (day/night time).

Here you can find more DID Providers:

Send them an inquiry to find out if they also pay for incoming calls.

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