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Blocked IPs can be used from Admin account and from Accountant account with Monitoring permissions enabled. From Admin account, go to ADDONS -> Monitorings -> Blocked IPs to manage blocked IPs. An IP can be blocked by entering valid input values and by clicking the Block icon. The to-be-blocked IP must not be local or a current server IP. By clicking on the Unblock icon an IP is unblocked. All the blocking/unblocking changes will be active in one minute after they have been applied. Country information (flag) can take up to one hour to appear.

File:Mor blocked ips list.png

When IP is blocked manually reason says: MOR-BLOCKED-IP-FROM-GUI. When IP is blocked automatically by MOR reason says: fail2ban-AST_CLI_Attack. Below you see example how it looks in GUI:


Explanation of the values given in the Reason column can be found here. Reason "INPUT" means that IP was blocked manually by using these instructions: How to block someone's IP

Reasons why IP was not blocked:

IP is incorrect or blank
IP is already blocked for this server
Cannot block server IP
IP address is private
IP address is local

You can search blocked IP. Possible search by a single IP or for the range using wildcard % like in the example.


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