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In order to use MOR successfully for dialing out and billing, some rules must be followed.

The best way to show this is by example.

  • User A dials a number, trying to reach User B.
  • The system then takes all Providers that belong to that LCR.
  • The system takes the Tariff of every Provider.
  • For every Provider system takes their Tariff.
  • From every Tariff (based on Prefix), the Rate is taken.
  • If the LCR type is 'Price', then all the Providers are sorted to identify the Provider with the lowest Rate to that Destination. This Provider becomes the first Provider.
  • Using the first Provider, the system tries to dial the number.
  • If the call is successful, the system does the billing and finishes the session.
  • If the call is unsuccessful, the system tries to dial the next Provider.
  • The system goes on calling until the call is successful or no Providers are left.
  • When the call ends, the system bills it.

This example provides only a basic illustration of how the billing system works. The whole process in MOR is much more complex.

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