Asterisk versions not compatible with MOR

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[edit] 1.4.16.x

Authentication by IP is broken:

[edit] 1.4.19.x/1.4.20.x

Crashes when realtime SIP peer is dialing: and

[edit] 1.4.21.x

[edit] 1.4.22

[edit] 1.4.23


CDR logic is changed completely. CDR data is discarded before real call end.


[edit] Usable versions with MOR

  • (outdated)
  • 1.4.37-rc1 (outdated)
  • 1.4.42
  • 1.8.14 (Since MOR 12 only)
  • 1.8.23
  • 1.8.32

No other versions are compatible with MOR billing.

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