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[edit] Description

Archived calls functionality helps to increase system stability, reliability and speed. Calls archivation into file allows to avoid growing database and lets to use archived calls data mor flexible.

[edit] Usage

[edit] Settings

Archiving options can be set in SETTINGS -> Setup -> Settings -> Calls tab:


If Archive to File (TGZ) option is enabled, Calls will be archived to CSV files (max 50000 lines per file), then compressed to TGZ and stored in your Backup storage directory (

[edit] Files

Files with calls can be found at STATISTICS –> Calls –> Archived Calls -> Files


NOTE Files can be reached and managed by admin only.

[edit] Bulk management

Files can be deleted one by one with click on Image:icon_delete.png icon in files list or few at a time by selecting period in image:icon_edit.pngBulk management


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